activating + caring for your mala

After purchasing one of our malas, you will want to cleanse it before you use it. You can light some sage (available for purchase on our site) and pass the mala through the smoke a few times, or place your mala in the moonlight overnight. Do this regularly over the course of its lifetime. 

Once cleansed, you will want to activate your mala. The mala beads are natural crystals that need cleansing and activation to bring their power to life. Before wearing your mala for the first time, hold it in your hand and ask that its power be activated now to support you with your focus and intention. Be as specific as you'd like. Each time you put your mala on, remind yourself of this focus and intention. 

The use, wear and storage of your mala beads should be done with great care and mindfulness. If your mala breaks, it is often a sign that you have completed your intention cycle and it is time to celebrate your success! If your mala breaks before you are ready to let go of that intention, we are happy to re-string it for you.