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We're Kate and Kim, designers and creators of Radiant Malas. The seed for our business was planted years ago at a tiny, unknown-to-us, yoga studio that was offering a Vedic Astrology & Mala-Making Workshop. We were longtime friends and yogis with a shared longing for more spiritual connection, so we trusted our intuition and went. That night the process of learning about the energetic and healing properties or our malas and how they were supporting our individual paths towards self-awareness and spirituality was deeply satisfying. The process of making our malas was deeply meditative. We loved it. 

Fast forward to 2017 when, after years of making malas for ourselves and as gifts, we decided to create Radiant Malas with the intention of sharing what we’ve learned about the vibrational power of gemstones and how working with and wearing a mala can support you in your steps towards inner-transformation.

We are all radiant. We all shine. But it’s a busy world, and sometimes we need a physical reminder to act mindfully, elevate ourselves and radiate positive energy.

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