About Our Malas

Sanskrit for "garland," a mala is a string of 108 beads that represents something in your personal journey. A larger, grounding guru bead is at the center of the garland, and lies close to your heart. 

Malas are traditionally used by yogis to enhance their spiritual practice, but they've been worn by people for different positive intentions for thousands of years. Historically more functional than beautiful, they're often made with simple materials like seeds and wooden beads. 
To make our exquisite Radiant Malas, we start with high-grade sustainably-mined crystal gemstones, which are all natural - never dyed or artificially enhanced. Natural crystals are crucial to the integrity of our malas, as they come from the Earth, carry the energy and depth of our beautiful planet, and have been used for centuries to heal, protect, cleanse and manifest.
We then design and hand-knot each mala with focused intention, using the traditional over-hand knot technique that results in a simple, strong knot between every individual bead. Each mala is uniquely one-of-a-kind, expresses its own property and power, and is finished with a distinctive guru bead and a hand-tied tassel. 
Throughout this entire process, we are both wholly devoted to creating a mala worthy of your journey: one that is as beautiful as it is meaningful, and as individual as you, your tastes, and your experiences.