Lucky You! Your retreat leader has partnered with us to bring you the gift of a personalized Radiant Mala for your upcoming retreat!

Ordering is simple: Below is a list of gemstones and their complimenting intentions. Make your choice based on what you see and feel. Try not to overthink it. If you are having a hard time deciding, or want to be completely surprised, fill out the birthdate section of the order form and enter SURPRISE for the Intention. We will choose a beautiful stone based on when you were born. There is a section for notes where, if inclined, you can add personal information that might be helpful to us when designing your mala. (i.e. Are you drawn to more neutral tones? Do you have a favorite color?, etc.) 
African Turquoise / New Beginnings
Amazonite / Balance
Amethyst / Protection
Carnelian / Strength
Clear Quartz / Healing 
Fossil Jasper / Nurturing
Howlite / Patience
Prosperity / Abundance
Rose Quartz / Love
Smoky Quartz / Grounding 
Sodalite / Intuition
Yellow Calcite / Positivity
*for properties of each gemstone see GEMSTONES + INTENTIONS dropdown menu.
*please note that gemstones can vary slightly in color.