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As dedicated yogis, we know first-hand the beauty and gift of a wellness retreat. Spiritual time spent with friends and one's self is a genuine gift. At Radiant Malas we create meaningful, intentional necklaces using high-quality, hand-selected gemstones. Crystals have specific healing and metaphysical properties which  nourish and uplift you to support energetic healing, change and connection.  

Traditionally, a mala is a string of beads used by yogis to enhance their spiritual practice. During your retreat, your Radiant Mala can be used as a meditation tool or worn as a reminder to stay centered in intention. Transitioning home can be challenging; use your mala to help keep you grounded and feeling connected. After your retreat, wear your mala to continue to receive the natural gemstone energy which positively affects your mind, body and spirit. 

A Radiant Mala is a lovely, meaningful way to keep the benefits and memories your retreat close at heart long after the closing Namaste.