Labradorite Gemstone Necklace


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Labradorite is a stone of transformation and is a useful gemstone to wear during times of change. The shimmery blues that sparkle through the darkness will remind you of Labradorite’s mystical and magical powers. It is often associated with the new moon as it embodies intention, hope and possibility. Labradorite opens the third eye chakra, stimulating your intuition, imparting psychic gifts including the art of “right timing.” Our Labradorite tiny gemstone necklace calms an overactive mind and will energize your imagination and desire to manifest new ideas. 

“I believe in my magic.”

  • Length is approximately 16 inches
  • Beads are approximately 2.5mm
  • Includes a crystal meaning card and reusable cotton bag
  • Handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado