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Labradorite Custom Mala Necklace


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Iridescent Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies and accesses spiritual purpose. This stone opens up the third eye chakra while protecting you from negative forces. It stimulates intuition and psychic gifts including the art of “right timing,” bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and facilitating their understanding. It strengthens faith in yourself and trust in the universe. Our Labradorite custom mala necklace calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing new ideas. Synthesizing intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom, Labradorite is a useful mala to wear during times of change. It will impart strength and perseverance. 
Simply add the gemstone to your cart. Feel free to add any thread and tassel color preferences in the notes section at checkout. Custom orders take approximately 2 weeks. 
  • Length is approximately 20-23 inches
  • Beads are approximately 8mm
  • Includes a crystal meaning card and reusable cotton bag
  • Handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado