Happy New Year!

Mixed Moonstone, Sunstone, Moss Agate Mala Necklace


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Our mixed Moonstone, Sunstone and Moss Agate mala is perfect for anyone who is starting a new venture. Moonstone is a "stone of new beginnings" that will help align your chakras so energy can flow freely, allowing you to be open to any new experiences that come your way. Moss Agate will help release energy blockages so you can attract wealth and abundance, and Sunstone shines a light on all opportunities for joy and happiness that surround you. Sunstone can also kindle the fires of leadership within those who wear it. It brings about a sense of abundance and can assist in the manifestation of prosperity, knowledge and wisdom. Clear Quartz guru bead.

"I welcome any new experiences that come my way."

  • Length is approximately 21.25 inches
  • Beads are approximately 8mm
  • Includes a crystal meaning card and reusable cotton bag
  • Handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado