About Us

 Hi! We're Kim and Kate: the hands and hearts behind Radiant Malas. We created our brand together in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado with two goals: to design and make uniquely beautiful malas that enhance the spiritual journeys of others, and to continue our own spiritual journey through this creative process.

We have been friends for ages with a shared interest in yoga, crystals and jewelry-making. Years ago we attended a mala-making workshop and were instantly enamored with the meaning and history of these pieces. We soon discovered how difficult it was to find malas that were as beautiful to wear as they were significant to use, and were inspired to create them ourselves to share with you. It brings us immense joy to know that so many people are walking about, wearing an intentionally designed, beautifully handmade, and radiantly unique mala from Radiant Malas. 

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