About Us

Kate and Kim of Radiant Malas


Hi! We're Kate and Kim, the faces, hands and hearts behind Radiant Malas. The seed for our business was planted years ago when, together, we first learned about the spiritual, vibrational, and healing powers of a gemstone mala. Through our own journey we learned how to use the energy of the mala in our everyday lives to create positivity, set intentions, and manifest our dreams. While enjoying the powerful benefits of our own malas we decided to put our creative talents together to design Radiant Malas. Our intention is to share what we’ve learned about the vibrational power of gemstones and how working with and wearing a mala can support you in your steps towards deeper self-awareness and inner-transformation. 
All of our malas are made by us in our Boulder, Colorado studio. We design and make each one using hand-selected, high quality gemstone beads, a unique guru bead and a hand-tied tassel. We use the traditional over-hand knotting technique - a simple, strong knot between each bead. Radiant Malas are all one-of-a-kind made with love and intention.
We source all of our beads from a trusted vendor who engages in responsible manufacturing, sustainable development and fair trade. We pride ourselves on choosing the the highest quality gemstone beads and we love finding unique guru beads - some sourced from a local vendor, some sourced from specialty shops found on our travels. Our process is thoughtful and creative.
Our hope is that your Radiant Mala acts as a physical reminder to be mindful of your intentions and radiate positive energy! xo Kate + Kim