We'll be at the Telluride Yoga Festival June 28th - 30th!


 Is intentional living available to everyone? It is! Living with intention may sound complicated or overwhelming, but it can become part of who you are if you practice. The key is to start small by carving out a single moment of quiet, distraction-free time each day when you remind yourself of your intention, let go of self-limiting beliefs, and keep gratitude at the top of you mind. These small, conscious shifts will add up over time and will increase your self-awareness, mindset and happiness. 
How do gemstones keep me connected to my intention? Given that gemstones carry potent metaphystical properties that can be harnessed to influence the energy around us and within us, our beautiful malas serve as visual and physical reminders to be mindful of your energy. By focusing your thoughts and energy to match the properties of the stone you are wearing, you can attract the conditions needed to manifest your dreams.