Using Your Mala

When using your mala, be sure to match your energy to the energy you are working to manifest. If a negative thought arises, notice it and let it go. Gently remind yourself that positive thoughts are what will amplify your energy, raise your vibration, and help you stay true to your intention. 

 Here are a few suggestions:

  • Before you put your mala on, remind yourself of the spiritual and healing properties of the stones and what you are cultivating by wearing the mala. Touch the beads throughout the day to remind yourself of your intention. 
  • In japa (repetitive) meditation: sit comfortably holding your mala in your hand draped between your middle and index finger. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and focus on your intention. Starting at the bead closest to the guru bead, use your thumb and middle finger (not your index finger) to count each gemstone bead, pulling the mala towards you as count. If you have a mantra or positive affirmation that you are working with, recite this (either silently or aloud) each time you pass a bead through your fingers. Or, simply inhale with one bead and exhale with the next. Do this 108 times until you arrive back at the guru bead. If you would like to continue your meditation, reverse direction instead of passing over the guru bead.
  • Create a space in your home where you can meditate or reflect on your intentions. Place your mala here, along with other sacred items that support your positive intentions.

    If you choose to wear your mala on your wrist, the right wrist is preferred. However you choose to use your mala, using it in the same way for 40 days can help attune your energy with it for the best manifesting and intention setting results.