"Kate and Kim of Radiant Malas have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I'm so in love with each and every mala they create and can feel their energy and love behind each piece. They are truly amazing women who have created such a meaningful and purposeful brand that is empowering and impacting so many lives around the world. We (Elevate the Globe) worked with Radiant Malas to curate specific malas for each chakra and the entire process was seamless and beautifully made! I can't say enough about these two women. Kate and Kim are wonderful women living a life of purpose and it inspires me to follow my dreams and path to create something beautiful."
~ Lily / Los Angeles, CA


Yoga & Wellness Retreats

As longtime yoga practitioners, we've been blessed to experience the beauty and benefits of retreats that provide spiritual time with friends, and meditative time alone. The items we've received in the gift bags given at those retreats are not only thoughtful, but serve as a wonderful reminder of the experiences we've had and the intentions we set. 

This is why we take special joy in offering our Radiant Malas necklaces and bracelets to retreat leaders. We can custom-create pieces and incorporate specific themes of intention and colors from a chosen palette, providing mementos as meaningful as they are beautiful. Whether guests are new to the spiritual practice of yoga or have been practicing for years, each will benefit from tapping into greater self-awareness and self-discovery with a beautiful necklace or bracelet from Radiant Malas. 

  • During a retreat, a Radiant Mala can be used as a meditation tool, or worn as a reminder to stay centered in intention.

  • On the transition home, a Radiant Mala keeps the experience of the retreat close at heart and hand.

  • After the retreat, a Radiant Mala serves as a reminder of intentions set, and the beauty of the retreat.


"Our participants loved having Radiant Malas come to our retreat because some hadn't had a chance to purchase such unique and purposeful malas before. Some just learned to use malas for meditation on the retreat which was a wonderful time for them to focus on themselves and tap into something we don't often have the opportunity to tap into in our everyday lives. Radiant Malas are beautiful and unique, like holding peace in our hands." 
~ Rhonda and Emily / Retreat leaders from Nashville, TN 


Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Trainings impart hundreds of hours of wisdom, and inspire a lifetime of strength and commitment. A Radiant Mala is the perfect gift to not only congratulate new instructors, but also support their new journey with lasting intention.


Bridal Party Gifts

Radiant Malas bracelets and necklaces are exquisite gifts to give to members of a bridal party, when brides thank their dearest friends for their love and commitment. We can personalize pieces to complement themes of color and season, making them perfect to wear during the ceremony. And after the event, the Radiant Mala will become something worn and cherished for years to come - a beautiful reminder of a day shared with intention and love. 


Discounted pricing available.

Lead time varies depending on the order, but most are filled within 3 weeks.

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