Radiant Malas are amazing! After receiving one myself, I have given many as gifts to dear friends who are going through difficult times. The malas have been received with such love, gratitude and appreciation; it is astounding and beautiful. Receiving a Radiant Mala can bring comfort, empowerment and solace... giving a Radiant Mala can bring peace, happiness and contentment.
~ Katie / Boulder, CO


"I have always been drawn to stones and crystals, but Radiant Malas introduced me to a more purposeful use of crystal energy. The quality of Kim and Kate's work is exceptional. The care and intention they dedicate to each mala is evident in every detail, from the selection of the beads and the pairing of the guru bead to the perfect knotting and tassel. Impeccable customer service matches the exquisite malas; thank you for adding focus and positivity to my practice in such a beautiful way."
~ Ingrid / New Hampshire


"Our participants loved having Radiant Malas come to our retreat becasue some hadn't had a chance to purchase such unique and purposeful malas before. Some just learned to use malas for meditation on the retreat which was a wonderful time for them to focus on themselves and tap into something we don't often have the opportunity to tap into in our everyday lives. Radiant Malas are beautiful and unique, like holding peace in our hands." 

~ Rhonda and Emily / Retreat leaders from Nashville, TN 


"I am brand new to the world of malas, and Kate and Kim helped me pick the perfect one.. They offer great guidance, and shopping online with each description and beautiful photography truly make it a wonderful experience! I can't wait to come back for more!"
~ Blair / Denver, CO 


"I have been a yoga practitioner and teacher for over twenty years and never felt the pull of owning a mala. Then I began to teach and practice at a studio where these amazing pieces of art and spirit were displayed. I immediately felt the draw and would find myself standing in front of them, touching them and trying them on. Three different Radiant Malas over the course of a year. I cherish each one for its unique beauty and energy. Whether I'm wearing them, praying with them or simply admiring them as they hang with my jewelry, they bring so much joy and happiness to me."
~ Darcy / Boulder, CO 


Kate and Kim of Radiant Malas have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I'm so in love with each and every mala they create and can feel their energy and love behind each piece. They are truly amazing women who have created such a meaningful and purposeful brand that is empowering and impacting so many lives around the world. We (Elevate the Globe) worked with Radiant Malas to curate specific malas for each chakra and the entire process was seamless and beautifully made! I can't say enough about these two women. Kate and Kim are wonderful women living a life of purpose and it inspires me to follow my
dreams and path to create something beautiful.
~ Lily / Los Angeles, CA


"I have bought several malas from Radiant Malas both for myself and as gifts. They are gorgeous handmade pieces that I find bring me great comfort and joy. I love wearing my malas, I receive so many compliments - a testament to their beautiful craftsmanship and the positive energy they channel!"
~ Rachael / Alice Springs, AUSTRALIA


"I have a beautiful mala from Radiant Malas which I love for the beauty and elegance. I have also purchased quite a few as gifts since they are so exquisitely crafted and each has its own special meaning and significance. Everything from bead selection to the meaning, message and packaging is perfection!"
~ Pam / Boulder, CO


"When I wear my Radiant Mala, I can feel the love and intention that Kim and Kate have infused into it. Their malas are handmade and the quality of the beads is exceptional. For each mala, Kim and Kate include a description about the beads, and how the beads offer spiritual support and nourishment to the wearer. When I wear my rose quartz mala I feel more heart-centered and light. Their malas are gorgeous and I love supporting their women-owned small business."
~ Amy / Boulder, CO 


"I love the malas I've purchased from Kim and Kate. Their beads, thread, guru beads and tassel combinations are always thoughtful, gorgeous and well-crafted. It makes me happy to know I am wearing something made with so much love and intention!"
~ Millicent / Boulder, CO