Using the power of gemstones to enhance and embody what's meaningful to you.

Discover the Power of Gemstones

Natural crystals are crucial to the integrity of our malas, as they come from the Earth, carry the energy and depth of our beautiful planet, and have been used for centuries to heal, protect, release, and manifest. You can wear and use your mala in various ways to reap the benefits of the metaphysical properties of the stones.

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Why Choose a Radiant Mala?

Each mala we create is unique and one-of-a-kind, a vessel for radiant energy, and a conduit for manifesting your deepest desires. As you wear your Radiant Mala, our hope is that you feel our energy combined with the gemstone energy to cultivate positivity and shine energetically. Join us in spreading the waves of positivity that extend far beyond ourselves.

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Intentionally Designed, Beautifully Hand-knotted, Radiantly Unique Gemstone Malas

What Does it Mean to Set an Intention?

Setting an intention is the process of creating a clear and focused mindset around an intended goal or outcome. It involves the commitment to consciously and clearly direct your thoughts, actions, and energy towards your desired experience. 

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Tiny Intentions Gemstone Necklaces ~ Wear Your Intentions in a Simple and Stylish Way

Beautifully Handmade in Boulder, Colorado

Hi! We're Kim and Kate: the hearts and hands behind Radiant Malas. We're passionate believers in the extraordinary power of gemstones. All of our malas are made by the two of us, and each piece is infused with our heartfelt intention to share radiant energy, well-being, and positivity with you, our cherished customer. By embracing the energy of these natural wonders, you're not just adorning yourself with beauty, you're inviting that powerful energy into your world. Join us on this radiant journey!

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