Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace


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If you feel a connection to the calming qualities of the ocean, then our Aquamarine necklace is for you. This cool blue-green crystal emits a gentle, compassionate energy, reduces stress and quiets the mind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, Aquamarine helps you find order, promotes moderation and encourages responsibility for your actions. This crystal also evokes the exhilaration of the ocean and will give you courage when needed. In ancient lore Aquamarine was used by sailors as a talisman for protection, and was believed to be the mermaids’ treasure. It works with the throat chakra, allowing for and enhancing clear communication.

“I invite calm and order into my life.”

  • Length is approximately 16 inches
  • Beads are approximately 2mm
  • Includes a crystal meaning card and reusable cotton bag
  • Handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado