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Aquamarine Mala Necklace

Aquamarine, a stone of courage, emits a gentle, compassionate energy that reduces stress and quiets the mind. This beautiful blue-green gemstone mala helps clear the throat chakra allowing for and enhancing clear communication. In ancient lore Aquamarine was used by sailors as a talisman for protection, and was believed to be the mermaids’ treasure. 

  • What does it mean to set an intention? Setting an intention is the act of choosing a word or combination of words to identify an intended goal or outcome.

    Is intentional living available to everyone? It is! Living with intention may sound complicated or overwhelming, but it’s quite simple. The key is to start small by creating a moment of intention each day. These small, conscious shifts will add up over time and will increase your self-awareness, mindset and happiness.

    How do gemstones keep me connected to my intention? By focusing your thoughts and energy to match the properties of the stone, you can attract the conditions needed to manifest your intentions.

    Who can wear a gemstone mala? Anyone! You don’t necessarily need to be a spiritual yogi, or have a daily meditation practice to wear our malas. They can even be worn as a pretty necklace, with added benefits.

    How do I choose the right mala for myself? Often, in choosing a mala, the one you are drawn to first is the one you are meant to have. It can be that simple. Trust your intuition. As Rumi says, "Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction." What purpose do you want your mala to serve? Will you use it to support your meditation practice? to help heal in some way? to manifest a specific intention? Our malas are made with natural crystal beads that carry their own healing and spiritual properties. When activated, crystals work with you to focus and manifest your intentions. Read about the metaphysical properties for each mala as you peruse, and see what resonates with you.

    When should I wear my mala? You can wear your mala any time, but many of our customers like to wear their mala on the new and/or full moon (for setting intentions and manifesting desires into reality), when a day has special meaning or when you’re feeling unsettled or anxious.

    How can I wear my mala? You can wear your mala as a long necklace, some can be doubled to be a shorter necklace, or you can wear it on your right wrist.

    Will I receive the metaphysical benefits of the stones if I choose to carry my mala with me instead of wearing it? Yes, but please keep in mind that the use, wear and storage of your mala beads should be done with great care and mindfulness.

    What if my mala breaks? It’s not often that a mala will break, but if it does, you can consider it a sign that you have completed your intention cycle and it is time to celebrate your success! If your mala breaks before you are ready to let go of that intention, we are happy to re-string it for you.