Tap into your CREATIVITY this July with Carnelian!A Carnelian gemstone mala, whether polished, faceted, or matte is rich, gorgeous and bright! This mala will stir your soul, invigorating you with courage and motivation to tap into your creative side.
The two of us love any kind of creative project, and we'd love to challenge you this month by making something (anything!)  - and share it with us to be ENTERED to WIN a special Creativity Bundle. Either email a photo to us at radiantmalas@gmail.com or tag us in your Instagram stories @radiantmalas. We'll announce 3 lucky winners on August 1st. 
(Winners will be chosen at random - not based on the quality of your work!)
So, grab your Carnelian mala and your paint set, your sewing machine, your flower press, or whatever it is that inspires you to get those creative juices flowing!